Acne and Milk
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Welcome to the Acne and Milk Website

Updated January 1, 2015

The site is a work in progress and will contain the history of the link between milk and acne, links to scientific articles both published and unpublished, thoughts on the mechanisms involved in the production of acne, and treatment protocols I have used with success in managing thousands of acne patients in over forty years of dermatology consulting practice.



Acne: Causes and Practical Management

This is a brand new book that has just become available for Kindle. Search "Danby Acne" on Amazon.

It is filled with everything from proven theory to speculation and from traditional but often ineffective therapy to innovative therapies that, despite not being 'evidence-based medicine' show repeated and gratifying (but  anecdotal) success.

This book is the reason that I have not had time for about 5 years to update this website, and the website barely scratches the surface of the subject.

"Acne" covers Acne Vulgaris, Acne Rosacea and Acne Inversa (Hidradenitis Suppurativa).

The Hardcover edition of the book is to be released on February 9, 2015.

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